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White tea, a micro-fermented tea, is a traditional tea created by Chinese tea farmers. One of the six major teas in China. A tea that is processed after picking, without killing or twisting, and after drying only by sunbathing or burning. With the shape of buds complete, covered with, fragrant fresh, soup yellow and green clear, taste light back to Gan's quality characteristics. It is a special treasure in Chinese tea. IsAlpine Organic Tea, because of its tea is mostly bud head, full of white, such as silver like Snow and named.

The main production areas in Fujian fuding, governance, Jiaocheng Tianshan, Songxi, Jianyang, Yunnan Jinggu and other places. The basic process includes wither, baking (or dry), picking, re-ignition and other processes. Yunnan White Tea craft is mainly tanned, the advantage of tanning tea lies in the taste to maintain the original flavor of tea. The wither is the key process to form the quality of white tea.

White tea because of tea varieties, raw materials (fresh leaves) picking standards are different, the main varieties are divided into: first day buds, Tianshan white, white silver needle, Bai Peony, Shoushi (Gong)

The production process of white tea is the most natural, the harvest of fresh tea thin stalls placed on the bamboo mat in the weak sunlight, or placed in a good ventilation and light effect of the indoor, so that its natural wither. Drying until seven or eight dry, and then slowly drying with a warm fire can be. Due to the simple production process, the processing is carried out with the fewest processes.

White tea using single buds as raw materials according to the tea processing process, known as silver needle bai; tea is generally picked from fuding white tea, Quancheng red, Quancheng Green, fuding big tea, Quancheng red, Quancheng Green, and great white tea and Fu'an white tea and other tea tree varieties of a bud one or two leaves, In accordance with the processing process of white tea produced by the preparation of Bai peony or new tea; using a bud of one or two leaves of vegetable tea, processed into a Gong; white tea made of fresh leaves after drawing needles is called Shou eyebrow.

The production technology of white tea is generally divided into two processes, wither and dryness, and the key lies in the wither. The wither is divided into indoor natural wither, duplex wither and heating and wither. According to the climate flexible grasp, to spring and autumn sunny or summer is not muggy sunny weather, to take indoor wither or duplex wither is preferred. Its refining process is in the removal of stalks, slices, wax leaves, red sheets, dark sheets, roasted to the foot of the dry, only to fire incense against the tea fragrance, to the moisture content of 4~5%, hot packing. The characteristics of white tea system are not to destroy the activity of enzymes, nor to promote oxidation, and to maintain the appearance of Tang, refreshing.

Quality Features:

The white tea is full of blue, the soup is light, the flavor is fresh alcohol, has the fragrance. The main characteristics are white silver, known as the "green makeup wrapped" aesthetic sense, bud head fat, soup color Huang Liang, taste fresh alcohol, leaf bottom tender and uniform. After brewing taste, the fresh alcohol is delicious, but also can play a pharmacological role. White tea is cool, with the effect of annealing and lowering fire.


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