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Tieguanyin Tea

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Tieguanyin Tea
Tieguanyin Tea

Hangzhou Nongxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-qualityHangzhou Tieguanyin Tea Manufacturer Give you a brief introduction to the small knowledge of Tieguanyin tea!

Tieguanyin, tea people also known as the hearts of Guanyin, Hong Guanyin. Qing Yongzheng years in (Fujian) Anxi xiping Yao Yang found and began to promote. The nature is delicate, the resistance is poor, the output is low, has "good drink bad planting" said. "Red bud Crooked Tail Peach" is one of the characteristics of pure tieguanyin, is the production of Oolong tea excellent varieties. The birthplace of Tieguanyin is in the misty Anxi xiping. Here all the year round temperature mild, abundant rain, mostly in the clouds, it is enough water and moderate temperature, in order to start the famous Tieguanyin fall in this fang. Xiping is the birthplace of Tieguanyin, but also China's famous "Tea King Township", tea Brand township.

Anxi Xiping is the world's top ten famous tea town, is also the birthplace of Tieguanyin, as early as the Qing Dynasty, "Xiping Market" (Bazaar) is the famous tea city and commodity trading market. And since its development, xiping is still one of the important Township tea trading market in Anxi County, and it is an important distribution center of Oolong tea in Minnan.

The effect of Tieguanyin tea? Tieguanyin not only fragrant high flavor alcohol, is a natural delicious good drink. And in health care also belongs to the best. What are the effects of tieguanyin?

1, anti-aging. According to scientific research, human aging is caused by excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, and the polyphenol compounds in tieguanyin can prevent excessive oxidation, can play the role of scavenging free radicals, so as to achieve anti-aging, cosmetic effect.

2, weight loss. At the same time, Tieguanyin is also a good medicine for weight loss, because Tieguanyin contains a large number of tea polyphenols, this substance can not only improve the fat decomposition enzyme, but also promote the organization of the metabolic activities of neutral lipase. So many women who love beauty often drink tieguanyin to lose weight, but to persist for a long time, otherwise the effect may not be obvious.

3, clear heat and reduce fire. Tea is a good drink of summer cooling, especially in the summer to drink a cup of cool tieguanyin, people will feel cool body and mind, raw and relieving heat, at the same time can also clear, reduce fire, remove bad breath.

4, refreshing Yi-Si guanyin also has the role of refreshing, because tea contains coffee alkali, coffee alkali has excited central nervous, improve thinking, so after drinking tea can refresh, annoy, relieve fatigue, clear mind. 5. The anti-cancer effect of tieguanyin. Cancer is an "incurable disease" that is a serious threat to people's health today. Therefore, the study of tea cancer has aroused people's great interest and concern. A few years ago, a report said that Shanghai citizens because of drinking tea to reduce the number of esophageal cancer, so that drinking tea can prevent the occurrence of cancer this fact has caused a great impact around the world. Now drinking tea can prevent cancer and cancer has been recognized by the world, and in tea in the anti-cancer effect of the best is tieguanyin.
Tieguanyin is not only a precious natural drink, but also has a good beauty and health care function. After scientific analysis and practice has proved that tieguanyin contains higher amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols and alkaloids, has a variety of nutrients and efficacy components, with qingxin Mingmu, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, weight loss beauty and delay aging, anti-cancer, blood lipids, lower cholesterol, reduce cardiovascular disease and diabetes and other effects.


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