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Alpine Oolong Tea

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Alpine Oolong Tea
Alpine Oolong Tea

       Alpine Oolong TeaIt is a semi-fermented tea between green tea and black tea, TaiwanAlpine Oolong TeaAlso known as soft branch oolong or Jinxuan tea, this is because it is planted at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. Alpine Beautiful, mountains, fog deep rain, air humidity is very high and thus the output of Alpine Oolong is very tender, high quality. The production of bitter catechins in tea trees is reduced due to the short sunshine time in alpine areas, so the appearance of Alpine tea is green, tea soup taste glycol, and resistant to brewing.


1, with superior tea garden ecological conditions and excellent tea varieties;

2, at the provincial level above the tea evaluation won the prize, and has a certain degree of visibility;

3,Alpine Oolong TeaAnd part of the light fermentation package tea is light fermented oolong tea, its quality characteristics are green color, after brewing soup yellow and green, floral fragrance, leaf bottom green, basically no red edge phenomenon;

4, Alpine moderate fermentation oolong tea mainly has frozen roof oolong, wooden gate Tieguanyin and Zhushan Jinxuan and so on. Bottom (refers to the tea after brewing called) most yellow and green, can be seen with a small number of red edges;

5, Alpine heavy fermentation of oolong tea has white oolong its quality characteristics are brown color, buds have velvet white, soup color orange red, with honey incense and fruity fragrance.

6, excellent quality, unique style, can be favored by a certain range of consumers;

7, with a certain number, and high economic benefits;

8, health, agricultural residues and heavy metal indicators in line with national standards;


1,Alpine Oolong TeaPlanted in high mountains, rain heavy fog, air humidity, buds tender green. The sunshine time is short, the bitter taste tea is low, the tan is golden. Catechins can resist oxidation, anti-sudden lesions, anti-tumor and other effects;

2,Alpine Oolong TeaHemispheric shape, leaf color deep, rich and sweet fragrance. After drinking the glycine back to the young, the taste is very. Have the role of soothing body and mind;

3,Alpine Oolong TeaContains a wealth of potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and other 11 of minerals. can prevent hypertension, tooth decay and so on;

4,Alpine Oolong TeaThe cationic content of tea soup is less than anion, which is alkaline food. can help body fluids maintain alkaline, maintain health;

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