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into Hangzhou agriculture and technology--alpine organic tea production base

"Tea-picking girl Chashan go, teahouse fly on the white cloud head ..." April 21, stepping on the tail of spring, we walked into Hangzhou agriculture teahouse. In the green tea Garden of the mountains, the tea-picking sisters are talking and laughing, but the hands are constantly picking the new tea.

谷雨时节茶飘香 南涧建设高山有机茶叶生产基地

Agricultural science and technology to strengthen the standard awareness, grasp the tea garden environment cleaning construction, grasp the clean processing of tea, promote, popularize standardized production technology, and actively cultivate the name, excellent, new, special products, to create a group of independent intellectual property rights and strong market competitiveness of brand-name products, and strive to build Yunnan's most competitiveAlpine Organic TeaLeaf production base.

"5 large groups, each large group has 10 groups, each group size varies, more than 12 people, less 4 people, free combination." "At the time of the establishment of teahouse, he came into work," said Brother Luo Chun, "Today there are 342 people concentrated here to pick, has been the 9th day of concentrated picking!" ”

Fresh tea receiver Zhang Ze uncle introduced, fresh tea harvest can make high-quality tea products, picking process "let go of a horse" will make the finished product lower grade, and can not let the fresh leaves in the tea basket for a long time, every 50 minutes on the centralized delivery into the factory timely processing.

"11 groups, 17 groups, 21 groups, 32 groups, 44 groups of leaves too long, pay attention to the quality of picking." "Luo Chun loudly reminded," the quality of your tea picking determines income, can not be fast and small loss. " ”

"Tea picking is higher than cutting wheat and picking safflower, and it is difficult to do well without determination and patience." "Tea sister Li Feng is Jing Dongbao village, meet the village and Luo village 8 sisters to Hua Qing teahouse tea for 9 days, daily income of more than 100 yuan." Speaking room, her hands in the tea tree dexterous dance, a piece of tea has already entered the backbasket.