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Identification and brewing method of Alpine organic longjing tea.

We all know that longjing tea according to the picking time is divided into Mingqian tea and before tea, Mingqian tea for the qingming before picking, before tea for the valley rain before picking. Two kinds of tea color and tea soup are each pursuit. SoAlpine Organic Longjing TeaIdentification and brewing methods.

A touch

In the purchase, feel the drying degree of tea. When choosing Longjing, you can take part of the tea with the thumb and index finger between the hard twist, if the powder, then the drying degree is enough, the drying degree of tea has been suction tide, difficult to store, after brewing aroma is not high.

Two, look.

In the purchase, look at the shape of longjing tea, color, soup color. Spring tea in the special longjing shape flat smooth, Miaofeng sharp, buds longer than tea, green color, body surface without hairs; the rest of longjing tea with the level of decline, the shape of color by the green-green-dark green, tea body from small to large, tea strips from smooth to rough. After brewing to see the soup color, longjing tea quality characteristics are soup green bright.


When shopping, ask the tea incense of tea. First of all, to distinguish whether dry tea has smoke, coke, acid, bad, mildew and other inferior odor and a variety of mixed bad smell. After the brewing of Longjing according to different grades, mainly fragrant or tender chestnut, there are some tea belt Gao; each level of fragrance from tender to thick thick.

Four tasting

In the purchase, you may wish to try the taste of longjing tea and tea products. Take 3 to 4 grams of longjing tea in a cup bowl, flush into boiling water 150 to 200 ml, after 5 minutes to sniff the aroma, then look at the soup color, taste the taste. Spring tea taste refreshing, summer and autumn Longjing tea, color dark green or dark blue, soup color Huang Liang, there is fragrance but rough, taste thick slightly astringent.

Alpine Organic Longjing TeaThe efficacy of a lot of effects, but longjing tea tea or belong to the cold, for the wind chill, cold physique, chronic gastroenteritis patients, in the menstrual period of women are not suitable for long-term drinking.

Alpine Organic Longjing TeaThe best brewing method

1, brewing water temperature: 85℃~95℃ boiling water, must not be used that is open boil.

2, brewing tea Volume: 3 G/cup (or due to personal taste).

3, the choice of brewing water: pure water or mountain springs.

4, brewing equipment selection: ceramics, glass tea sets can be.

5, brewing process: with boiling water first will be hot tea cup, pour out of the water, drop tea, and then, pour one-fifth boiling water, soak, shake incense for about 30 seconds, and then use the suspension pot high punching method to note seven points full of boiling water, cover slightly stuffy after, you can drink.