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Oolong Tea Manufacturers Teach you----the storage of Oolong tea


Oolong tea ManufacturerTeach you----the storage of Oolong tea!

Oolong tea, a semi-fermented tea, also known as green tea, is the six major teas, unique characteristics of tea. As we all know, the quality of a tea, not only related to the production, and its storage methods are also linked.




First of all, oolong tea needs to ensure the drying of tea and the drying of the environment. Tea moisture absorption fine taste strong, when the water content of tea more than 7%, will make tea polyphenols, esters, vitamin C and so on produce different degrees of oxidation; chlorophyll, amino acids and various aroma components into other new substances. So that the original composition of tea color, fragrance, taste of the ingredients rarely exist, or no longer exist, and some of the ingredients that are not conducive to tea color, fragrance, taste have been produced, so, tea taste fade, aroma disappeared, color lost freshness.

At the same time, moisture is also the most important and direct reason for the moisture and aging of tea. Especially in the southern region of China, the air humidity is large, the temperature is high, will make a lot of tea inclusions oxidation, decomposition, and eventually cause moldy spoilage, unbearable drinking. Therefore, the storage of tea must ensure the drying of tea, the drying of the environment.

Avoidance of light

Secondly, please put the tea in the shelter from the light. Light will change some of the chemical composition inside the tea, especially under strong light irradiation, light and heat interaction, tea in the light reaction of certain substances, so that the content of aldehydes and alcohols increased, the automatic oxidation of tea will accelerate. Tea color, taste will occur a more significant change, thus losing the original flavor and freshness. So for the health of tea, please put the tea in the area of avoiding light.

Low temperature

Again, the temperature on the tea aroma, soup color, taste have a great impact. Especially in the southern summer heat season, the temperature can sometimes be as high as 40 ℃, so even if the tea has been dried to avoid light storage, will soon deteriorate, therefore, tea should be kept at low temperature.

No odor

Finally, even if the tea has been sealed or put into the tea can, if there are around like soap, camphor balls or refrigerator There are meals, sauces, he is also unstoppable to put these odors throughout. Mixed with other odors of tea, even if his original quality is better, people are not willing to drink. So it is important to avoid odors in tea storage.