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How can tea not know maofeng? Maofeng Tea Factory--The most complete Maofeng tea introduction

How can tea not know maofeng?Maofeng Tea FactoryThe most complete introduction to Maofeng Tea

Maofeng belongs to green tea, maofeng because of tea white cloak, bud spikes, hence the name Maofeng tea. A lot of origin, mainly Yunnan, Emei, Zunyi, Wuyi and so on, but the most famous for Anhui Huangshan, is also one of China's top ten famous tea.

Huangshan Maofeng
One of the famous Chinese historical tea, Hui tea, belongs to green tea. Produced in Huangshan, Anhui province. Created by Cheyrite Tea House during the Qing Guangxu. Every year Qingming Valley rain, choose to pick the first exhibition of fat buds, hand-fried, the tea shape of a micro-roll, like a finch tongue, green yellowish, silver exposed, and with golden fish leaves (commonly known as gold film). Into the Cup brewing mist knot top, soup color qingbi yellowish, leaf bottom yellow and green vitality, taste alcohol gan, aroma such as orchid, deep charm. The tea was named Huangshan Maofeng because of the white cloak of the fresh tea, the peak of the bud, and the bright leaves from the peak of Huangshan.

Emei Maofeng
Emei Maofeng is produced in Fengming Township, Yaan County, Sichuan Province. Formerly known as Feng Chicken Hair Peak, now changed to Emei Maofeng. It is a famous tea rookie in the newly created Mengshan area in recent years. Emei Maofeng of the finished strip cable tight roll, green oily, silver buds beautiful, white show, aroma fresh and clean, taste strong, soup slightly yellow and blue, leaf bottom green uniform.

Lanxi Maofeng
Born in Lanxi, new house, Poon Mountain and other places, Zhejiang's one of the main famous tea. Tea Aroma xingling, mellow taste, sweet refreshing, elegant and delicious, green tea in the Jiapin, loaded<中国名茶>, reputable Chinese and foreign, has become China's famous tea rookie. "Lanxi Maofeng", its quality characteristics are: The shape of fat flat forming strip, silver all over the whole leaf, color yellow and green, leaf bottom green is yellow, brewing after the original shape of tea buds, soup green as yin, clear brewing bright, flag gun staggered cup, aroma fragrance nose, tall distant fresh, tea taste mellow, drink back sweet, fragrant teeth between the cheek, Clear and wonderful. Hangzhou Nongxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-quality LanxiMaofeng Tea FactoryOne.

Goose Swing Maofeng
Also known as Goose swinging cloud tea, wild clouds tea, common name Yanshan tea, produced in the east Qing County, Zhejiang Province, Yandang Mountain. It belongs to the roasted green tea, the fine goose Maofeng is a kind of bud tea or Mao Jian tea. Shape show long tight knot, delicate, green color, buds hidden, bubble drink, soup when light green when bright, buds and leaves connected, tea fragrant rich, taste mellow, fragrance full mouth, wonderful. Resistant to storage, there is a "three years undefeated golden buds" reputation.