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Tea industry, the future development trend--alpine organic tea

Shengshi xing Tea, with the development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to health and wellness. China's tea industry has also ushered in a wave of peak development. EspeciallyAlpine Organic Tea




Tea Township Many people rely on tea to open their eyes, jumped out of the "farm" door, sent home, to the rich. As a result, many people think that the tea industry is a "windfall" industry, the people outside the insider began to flock, the various routes have not forgotten the nature of capital profit, followed. So there are all kinds of unrealistic hype, tea prices are rising.


invisibly, the sale of tea has been labeled "profiteering" industry. But the market this pair of invisible hands, has its own rules of operation, when the supply is far greater than the demand, the adjustment period of the industry will come. After all, the hype is the act of a few people, the hype is only a momentary wave, the hype will eventually return to ordinary. Tea belongs to the objective reality of people's Daily health drinks, which determines that the tea itself will not be generally inflated by the speculation of speculators.


When the bustling fall, unfortunately, the most hurt is the life of the people depend on the survival of tea. Now in many tea markets across the country, a tea shop closed transfer or collapse, not a few; in many tea owners in the country, some tea farmers to go out to work to make money, also not a few; so far, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Main board listed tea enterprises are zero.


Outside the industry can be at any time to pull away, all the way can also be said to go, but for a lifetime deeply rooted in the tea profession people, this is tantamount to a "disaster." The balance of supply and demand in the market is destroyed, the order of the market is messed up, and the brand effect of the market is weakened.


Re-analysis of tea


In fact, the production of a pound of high-quality net tea from Tea Garden management, to tea green picking to tea production, net tea packaging transport, to tea storage, and finally into the hands of consumers, through a number of processes, is not as easy as imagined.EspeciallyAlpine Organic TeaNow the market tea sales are very irregular, it is not uncommon to see people pricing, but it is not difficult to find palatable tea in the 200-500 range. Moreover, the scarcity of goods and the degree of demand in the market determine the price.


How many procedures and processes will there be in the middle of a tea man's mouth when he picks tea from the mountain? We take the tea products of ordinary tea garden as an example, from the following aspects to understand:


One: Tea Tree planting


From the beginning of tea tree planting, barren mountains to be reclaimed, machines or artificial excavation into a seat of the strip, after half a year or so of deposition can grow tea, rain often survival rate is only about 60%, it is often Liangmiao, each tea seedling because of different varieties, usually 1-2 yuan/branch.


II: Chashan Management


From the Chashan management, tea farmers in order to manage the Chashan, so that tea grow well, every year must be weeding once, turn the soil once, under the fat once, hit the worm two times, trim two times, according to the current artificial 150 yuan/person to calculate the cost of this is very good.


Third: Production and processing


In terms of production and processing, a tea from the picking of green leaves, to go through the initial system of tea, carefully selected, late fermentation, traditional baking, finished packaging and other processes, the time is at least three months to market. Here is not only the labor cost, the time cost, the most critical is the technical cost, such as a lot of tea speculation, blending, evaluation, etc., not only to play the wisdom of the technical staff, but also to consider the mass production benefits of the machine.


Four: Sales Circulation and warehousing


Besides, sales circulation warehousing, whether you are wholesale or retail, always want a storefront, keep the shop to staff and time, someone came to tea to try tea, consumption is there. Tea warehousing is also very much investment, such as green tea, tieguanyin to keep fresh, large freezer is to buy, that electricity is not necessary, even if it is black tea, that storage environment should also pay attention to moisture-proof, anti-wet, more stock, rent costs are also many.




In fact, there are many aspects of the cost will not be listed, so place, a line do not know another line of difficulties, especially to do a brand of tea enterprises, a variety of capital, manpower, energy investment is very large, do not know how many years to recover. The current competitive, transparent price, increasingly standardized tea industry, who dares to say that tea can have a windfall?