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After autumn why should drink more Alpine organic black tea?

Why do you drink more after autumn?Alpine Organic Black Tea? Autumn those are the star tea in the health tea.

The golden Autumn moment is the harvest season, according to the five lines of autumn belongs to the gold. Gold in this season is the need to raise the body to health, gold corresponds to the lungs, gold bad lung damage and then cause lung disease, lung main fur, but also cause skin diseases.

What kind of tea do you drink? It's tea that's good for gold. The rule of the five-line phase is that fire can give birth to gold. It's better black tea. Black tea after fermentation, conversion of mature tea, gastrointestinal bad people can drink, black tea exterior color red is a fire, so you can give birth to gold.

Black tea also has the effect of warm stomach, autumn weather gradually become colder, drink black tea warm stomach can also reduce blood lipids, smooth blood pressure, remove blood waste to reduce high uric acid, hypoglycemic, beauty, weight loss body effect, so autumn drink black tea health.

Black tea can be added to the ginger, ginger black tea can treat girls, women dysmenorrhea, can also go to the chill.

Black tea plus chenpi, chenpi black tea for indigestion people have a very good auxiliary digestion function, eliminate intestinal defecation, clear gastrointestinal accumulation has a very good role.

The best black tea is the original ecological Alpine Organic black tea, no pollution and pollution-free, with these conditions only gold 榽 Alpine organic black tea, drink more black tea is good for good health.