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Hangzhou Tieguanyin tea manufacturer recommended Ten famous tea--Anxi Tieguanyin

Hangzhou Tieguanyin Tea ManufacturerRecommended ten famous tea--Anxi Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin belongs to Oolong tea category, is the representative of Oolong tea. According to the load, Anxi Tieguanyin tea originated in the Qing Yongzheng years, at that time Anxi tea farmers breeding a lot of fine tea varieties, of which the quality of Tieguanyin tea is the best. Tea Tree Good iron guanyin trees are not big, branches draped, leafy dark green, leaf soft and fat, bud leaves fat. Oolong tea made from the bud leaves of Tieguanyin is also known as Tieguanyin, so "Tieguanyin" is not only the name of Tea tree varieties, but also the name.

Anxi County government on the "Anxi Tieguanyin" brand management is also slowly formalized, in 2010 also set up its own association: Anxi Tieguanyin Association

At present, the Anxi County Government to guide the tea guests to recognize the consumption of the credentials are mainly "Anxi Tieguanyin geographical Indications Certification trademark", it is composed of Anxi tieguanyin tea, earth, Chinese, English alphabet, meaning incense fluttering all over the world, world-renowned, Chinese for "Anxi Tieguanyin", English for "Anxitikuanyin", Indicates that an Tieguanyin tea product originates from Anxi County territory, and that the specific quality, reputation and other characteristics of the Tieguanyin tea product are mainly determined by the natural and humanistic factors peculiar to Anxi County.

At present, Anxi County has a total of "Anxi Tieguanyin" geographical indications to prove that the trademark quasi-use enterprises 91, another 98 enterprises are preparing to accept the admission period of 6 months of tutoring assessment, queuing waiting for acceptance, audit, certification.

From the above can be learned that the authentic Anxi tieguanyin manufacturers are still quite a lot, but those manufacturers are relatively good? I see a few other news stories from Anxi County official website:

"Anxi Tieguanyin" in the European market signing ceremony held in Fujian Anxi County government, by Anxi Tieguanyin Association, Anxi Tieguanyin, the most representative of the five tea enterprises to form the "First Army Group", unified to "Anxi Tieguanyin" brand name, a strong foray into the European luxury market. On the same day, the president of Anxi Tieguanyin Association Wang Wenli and the European Fanglieborong on behalf of the two sides signed a landmark, Anxi Tieguanyin century back to Europe on the road has taken a substantial step. Five tea enterprises are eight horses, Hua Xiangyun, Weiss, Pingshan, three and other enterprises.

Kushihi, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture, went to our county to investigate the development of the tea industry. Deputy County Sheriff Zheng Qing accompanied the investigation.

Kushihi first came to China tea Bo Hui to understand the situation of tea industry planning and construction in our county. Then went deep into the eight horse tea industry, Anxi Tieguanyin Group and other leading tea enterprises in our county research

...... Since 1982, "Fengshan" brand premium Tieguanyin has won the only National Gold Award in the Tieguanyin Tea industry for nine consecutive terms.

...... December 1996, by the approval of the national Moftec, Anxi Tea factory to obtain self-import rights, became the only domestic Oolong tea refining factory with self-import and export rights of the production enterprises, the products sell well in Japan, Russia, the United States, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and other more than 30 countries and regions. Group to "Fengshan" as a registered trademark, and access to the "China well-known trademark", "Fujian famous trademark", "National Key protection trademark" and other honors, and in Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions extended registration.

...... Agricultural industrialization National Key leading Enterprises-Anxi Tieguanyin Group as Fujian tea leading enterprises, with the Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Zongji academician on the "Anxi Tieguanyin pest pollution-free prevention and control technology Research and demonstration" project signing, is the only tea enterprise signed by the annual meeting.