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Bud Tea Factory said, tea can not wash, but "wake tea" is the key!

Bud Tea Factory said, tea can not wash, but "wake tea" is the key!

Love tea you, but do not ignore the "Wake up Tea" This small step Oh! Fast "wake up tea" can definitely do more with less to enhance the quality of tea incense ...

First of all, warm water into the empty pot, known as "Temperature Pot", is to control the pot temperature, not to water injection when the pot absorption and reduce heat.

After about 1 minutes, put the lid open on the "cover", lift the pot into the cup to "warm cup." After tea injection plus moderate hot water "wake tea", to the tea in the pot has been fast "wake up" to the appropriate time, and then the warm glass of water poured out. Pot water pour tea into the cup or hold a cup of tea before, get into the tea towel on the habit, so that the bottom of the pot, the bottom of the cup of water droplets, by the tea towel sucked dry.

Before making tea, the tea will be quickly soaked with moderate hot water, commonly known as "tea washing", "Wake tea." On the one hand, can improve the temperature of tea, so that the water temperature of tea is closer to the actual needs of the temperature, on the other hand, you can use the tea temperature rise, appreciate the aroma of tea to detect the quality of tea.

Tea Wake Method:
1, stuffy fragrance
After the kettle is warm, put the right amount of tea in, cover the lid, use the heat in the pot will be stuffy tea for 1 minutes, then you can enjoy the aroma of tea. Suitable for heavy aroma, light roasting fire of the new tea.

2, Warm:
Warm the pot, put the tea in, to the temperature suitable for this kind of tea hot water inward, the tea will be wet, cover the lid, and immediately pour out the water. At this time tea absorbs heat and water, the original dry tea into a ready to hair state. Suitable for baking a little heavier, or aged old tea.