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Zhejiang Golden Tea Factory, Jishan Golden Tea features

ZhejiangGolden Tea Manufacturers, Jishan Golden Tea features!

Jishan Golden Tea was an evolutionary variety of green tea that was stumbled upon in the Alpine region of Zhejiang Province in the 90. After nearly 10 years of breeding by Zhejiang University Tea Research Institute and other units, it has now been introduced into the rare tea germplasm resource nursery of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of 2006 the introduction of Jishan and plum tree homologous, 2016 selected for the Longzhun Temple Rain Xuan Special tea.

Jishan Soft Gold, its color green tea is unique. Fresh leaves golden, dry tea pale gold, tea soup green with gold.
Jishan Gold Tea, is one of the most amino acids containing green tea. According to the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the amino acid content of gold tea is up to 9%, while the amino acid content of white tea is 5~7%, and the amino acid content of ordinary tea is 3~4%. At the same time, this tea cool, clear heat detoxification, solve the table to remove the wind, help digestion, cure colds, treatment of chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure has a certain effect.

Jishan Soft Gold, formerly known as fragrant tea. It has the characteristics of long fragrant rhyme. After 10 years with the same kind of plum tree carefully cultivated, its fragrance is more integrated into the flower fragrance of plum blossom, fragrant rhyme unique.
Jishan Soft gold, back to Gan deep. Although the taste of tea soup is lighter than other green tea. But because of the long-term relationship with plum trees in the soup sandwiched with the sweetness of green plum, back to Gan fast. The entrance is capable of raw fluid to activate the taste buds.

Jishan soft gold, thin harvest. Because it is a high camellia species, new tea is listed later than other green tea. At the same time, in order to ensure that the tea quality in the selection of fresh leaves when the proportion of one leaf buds must be more than 70% of the bottom picking speed and yield. Jishan base 200 acres of tea garden annual production of dry tea only about 400 catties.
Jishan Soft Gold, mannose flavor. As the production base of the monastery green Tea system, every year the mage of the tea season will be Jishan for the Buddhist tea-opening ceremony. and regularly go to Jishan weeding, long ditch out of the slope work protects tea garden.