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What is alpine organic green tea?

I don't know when, the word "organic" is getting closer and closer to our lives.

In daily life, organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic food and even organic textiles, forest products, fertilizers, etc.

The World Health Organization has investigated the pros and cons of beverages in many countries and concluded that:

Organic tea is the best drink for humans. According to scientific determination, organic tea contains protein, fat, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, as well as nearly 300 kinds of ingredients such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, and lipopolysaccharide. It has the function of regulating physiological functions and exerting various health care and pharmacological effects.

What is alpine organic green tea ?

1. Organic green tea is planted with “organic cultivation method”, and its products have been tested to meet the national organic food standards.

2. Organic green tea refers to green tea grown without the use of natural fertilizers.

3. The probability of containing metal and chemical residues in organic green tea is greatly reduced.

4. Organic green tea uses the delicate and fresh leaves of the organic tea garden, and the green tea produced in strict accordance with the technical specifications for the production, processing, preservation and packaging of organic tea.

5. In accordance with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (LFOAM) standards, green tea products and reprocessed products certified by organic (natural) food certification organizations are called organic green tea.

6, organic tea is a green food and beverage, with heat to greasy, clear eyes, antihypertensive, anti-cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, with longevity and other health effects.

In fact, in simple terms, organic green tea is:

Refers to green tea grown without the use of natural fertilizers without pollution. Such organic green tea has a greatly reduced chemical residue and is a green drink.

What are the benefits of alpine organic green tea ?

As a healthy green drink, Alpine Organic Green has anti-cancer effect. Unfermented green tea retains more natural antioxidants and plays a role in anti-cancer to a certain extent. And drinking green tea can consume fat to a certain extent, play a role in weight loss and slimming. In addition, we all know that green tea has the effect of beauty and beauty. In fact, green tea often has the effect of preventing skin cancer. Green tea contains antioxidants such as EGCG, which is the main component of skin disease prevention and can cause skin lesions around. The atrophy of the new blood vessels, so green tea has anti-dermatosis effect.

In general, green tea contains catechins and beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., which are effective in consuming free radicals, delaying aging, and preventing cancer. Further, it can prevent cell gene mutation, inhibit malignant tumor growth, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent cold, tooth decay and eliminate bad breath.

Organic tea has dozens of health functions, such as:

1, thirst, heat and heat;

2. Diuretic detoxification (accelerating the discharge of heavy metals and other toxins in the body);

3, think and refresh, reduce fatigue (excite the central nervous system, accelerate the discharge of lactic acid);

4, strong teeth to prevent phlegm; enhance immunity;

5. Prevent and delay aging (by eliminating free radicals and antioxidants)

6, sterilization and anti-virus (suppress harmful bacteria and viruses)

7, lowering blood fat, anti-hemagglutination, lowering cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis

8, lower blood pressure (by inhibiting angiotensin I converting enzyme)

9, weight loss bodybuilding (to dissolve fat, reduce blood lipids)

10, lowering blood sugar, preventing and treating diabetes (the effect of tea polysaccharides on lowering blood sugar)

11, clean mouth deodorant

12, digestion and greasy (by promoting gastric secretion and digestion of fat)

13, eyesight, prevention of eye diseases (vitamin effect)

14, heat and protect the liver (the role of catechins)

15, prevention and treatment of scurvy (the role of tea polyphenols and vitamin C)

16, prevention of radiation damage (increased blood white blood cell count)

17, anti-allergy (by inhibiting histamine release)

18, anti-ulcer (by inhibiting the digestion of pepsin)

19, promote the treatment of large bowel movement constipation

20, hangover and drunk (diuretic is good for alcohol discharge)

21, reduce tobacco tar, reduce tobacco poisoning

22, and the stomach to stop venting (killing harmful bacteria in the intestines, protecting beneficial bacteria)

23, anti-cancer anti-mutation (the role of catechins, flavonoids)

24, regulate body and mind, promote thinking (tea has a clear heart, regulate emotions, inspire wisdom)

25, moisturize the skin (good cosmetic effect) and so on.

In China's tea market, tea is divided into green organic tea, green food tea, pollution-free tea, and general conventional tea according to the quality. Green organic tea is a kind of non-polluting, pure natural tea, which is the representative of the highest quality in tea. Therefore, it needs to be certified by the organic food certification organization for strict production and processing. More than 20 tea production units in China have obtained green organic tea certificates and established more than 6,000 acres of organic tea bases.

"China Quality Miles" in the Ningxia tea industry, the person in charge of the introduction of the world, green organic tea in its production process, no application of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, chemical food additives and other substances, the origin of which is generally inconvenient In the mountainous areas, the fertilizers in the tea garden land are human and livestock manure, or the natural organic fertilizer after the plants are rotted. The usual weeding and de-worming work in tea gardens is carried out through the bio-chain. The tea farmers raise some sheep, use the habits of sheep to eat grass to help remove weeds, and protect some natural enemies of tea-tree pests such as ladybugs and mites to achieve pest control. The biological ecology is balanced, so there will be no pesticide residues in the fresh leaves of the green organic tea tree.

If you drink green organic tea, it is more fragrant and sweeter than ordinary tea leaves, and the color is clearer and greener. Strong world countries with many years of experience in tea business tell consumers that they should generally buy green organic tea at large shopping malls or large tea franchise stores. Never buy them in street vendors. In addition, the green organic teas on the market are mostly closed anti-counterfeiting packaging, with the "organic tea" logo on it, and anti-counterfeiting coatings that can be scraped free of charge. There are only three certification bodies in China that are engaged in the certification of green organic tea. They are Hangzhou Zhongnong Quality Certification Center, Nanjing Guohuan Organic Product Certification Center, and Beijing Zhonglu Huaxia Organic Food Certification Center.

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