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Merchants to join

Investment advantages of agriculture and technology;

Market Advantages:

       At present, tea Enterprises basic single category management, in the regional store business development encountered bottlenecks, can not meet the needs of the terminal store categories, agriculture tea positioning three categories of tea products, namely: organic black tea, organic green tea, organic oolong tea, adhere to the "category diversification, product refinement (all products for grading packaging), Regional differentiation (according to different regions to match different goods) "R & amp; d strategy, access to the high recognition of investors and consumers, along with the rapid development of the tea market and consumer demand for product diversification, personalization, based on tea and not limited to tea R & amp; D concept will enable enterprises, stores to obtain more market share, improve market share.

SOURCE Advantages:

      The consumer of agricultural tea is the political, commercial and social sectors of the community, we always think: In line with the organic tea that everyone can drink, everyone drinks good organic tea, with the diversification of products, refinement can adapt to all levels of people, whether daily household or gift gifts have corresponding products.

Design Advantages:

    Three agricultural tea stores adhere to the "Green environmental protection, simple and generous" decoration concept, reasonable and convenient planning of store functions (such as stores: Gift area, daily use area, experience area, custom area, tea sets counters, storage areas), standardized prop distribution and so on to greatly reduce investors in the hardware unnecessary investment costs, Greatly improve the store sales and experience function of the perfect combination.


Three agricultural tea industry to join the advantages:

  Stable quality and stable supply of goods;

  According to the market reasonable supply price;

  Publicity and promotion on the Factory website, at the same time in the selected media to carry out the corresponding publicity;

Marketing Support: Focus on the training of shop assistants of farmers in the tea industry, and share the latest marketing plans and success stories of distributors all over the country.


The conditions and requirements for joining the tea industry in agriculture:

  Integrity management, good reputation;

Have engaged in tea industry management more than one year experience, can complete a certain sales task;

Have a certain number, a certain scale of their own shops;

Have a strong management and market operation ability, and equipped with the corresponding marketing staff;

have good financial ability and strong ability to resist market risk; 

have the corresponding customer service mechanism and equipped with professional customer service personnel;

Have a good spirit of collaboration and good social relations.

Three agricultural tea industry franchise process:

Understand the enterprise and related products, be able to analyze the product market prospects, understand the business philosophy of the enterprise; 

Interested customers first draw up the "distribution Letter of Intent", and together with three certificates (business license, tax registration certificate, the person in charge of the identity card) submitted to the enterprise;

The company sent people to carry out field visits, and the relevant customers of the sales network, social relations, economic capacity, business cooperation concepts, such as a comprehensive assessment

Negotiate with qualified customers and clarify the intention of mutual cooperation;

The two sides signed the "dealer contract";

Distribute the goods to the distributor as planned; 

Distributors in combination with the local market situation, sales promotion operations.