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Maofeng Tea Factory to recommend to you-Lanxi Maofeng

Maofeng Tea FactoryRecommended to you-Lanxi Maofeng

Lanxi Maofeng for the new tea, is a green tea category, created in 1972. Produced in Lanxi, the main production area is located in the lower Chen Xian, Zhu hometown of the middle and low mountains.

"Growing Environment"

Lanxi is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, in the northern edge of Jinqu Basin, Fuchunjiang upstream. The northeastern terrain of mountains, the eastern great Panshan elevation of 1312 meters, for the city's highest peak. For the southwest hilly, the northeast hilly mountains, mountain valleys, the Northwest Hills, the soil to red soil, yellow soil mainly, the soil layer is deep, acid is too sour, suitable for the planting of tea. Located on the northeast Edge, the northwest edge of the low hillside soil to the yellow red soil, yellow soil mainly, elevation between 300-600 meters, the soil is deep and fertile, is the main production area of Lanxi Maofeng, tea garden areas of about 250 hectares.

Lanxi is a monsoon subtropical humid climate zone. Soil ph is generally between 4.7 and 5.5.

Lanxi the climatic and soil conditions in most areas are suitable for the growth of tea trees, especially in the northwest, northeast and southeast regions between the north-west, north-east and south east of the low mountain and Zhongshan district production of Lanxi Maofeng the best quality.

"Picking Standard"

Select Alpine High quality bud leaves as raw materials, pick before and after Qingming, picking time only 10-15 days. With one bud, one leaf and one Bud two at exhibition as the standard.

"Quality Features"

The shape of fat into strips, silver all over the body, color yellow and green, yellow in the bottom of the leaf, flag gun staggered cup, aroma of distant, taste fragrant Gao Xian cool, such as for cleaning, abnormal fit. If used to manhole jasmine tea, the suction force is strong. Manhole made of jasmine Maofeng aroma xingling, taste strong, sweet refreshing, fresh delicious, for the Flower tea class one of the Jiapin.