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Hangzhou Tieguanyin Tea Manufacturer--Fragrance Tieguanyin

Hangzhou Tieguanyin Tea Manufacturer-Fragrance Tieguanyin Luzhou-flavor tieguanyin charcoal roasted Iron Guanyin

After the national day, Anxi Tieguanyin Autumn tea began to go on the market. As one of the important tea cities in the province, Fuzhou tea market has also quietly opened the sale of Tieguanyin Autumn tea. Compared with last year, this year Anxi Tieguanyin autumn tea delayed a week on the market, the price may rise by 30%.

In previous years, the earliest Tieguanyin autumn tea began to be listed at the end of September, but this year until the beginning of October only listed, some October 7, 8th did not start listing.
"October 6 to October 9 is the concentration point of Anxi tieguanyin picking, until October 15 is Anxi Tieguanyin centralized listing of the node." "The price of Anxi Tieguanyin is expected to rise by about 30% this year, with some varieties likely to go up 50%," he asked, subject to rising weather and raw material prices and reduced production.
Although the price of Anxi tieguanyin Autumn tea has risen, the industry generally believes that this year Anxi the quality of Tieguanyin Autumn tea is also higher than in previous years.
"In recent years, Anxi County government strict control of tea garden management, adhere to the promotion of traditional production technology, while severely cracking down on tea machine workshop, in the efforts of all parties, the quality of Anxi Tieguanyin is increasing." ”
Reporter visit Fuzhou market found that compared with the previous years, the use of traditional crafts made of Anxi Tieguanyin has become the mainstream of the market.
"In the past, some tea chambers in the market to promote the elimination of green, acid tieguanyin, but now, more and more tea merchants are committed to promoting the traditional craft tieguanyin." "Five miles pavilion tea market a tea dealer said. It is alleged that in recent years, the Anxi Tieguanyin market has shrunk and there has been a certain reduction in market workers, but most of the Anxi tea merchants left behind are committed to promoting traditional crafts.
"The so-called process, that is, the use of natural wither, and the degree of fermentation is high, to achieve semi-fermentation degree." ”
Traditional Anxi Tieguanyin must take four times to shake the green process. It is said that the color of the traditional tieguanyin dry tea is yellowish green, the cable may not have been popular in the market before the Tieguanyin good-looking, but the traditional tieguanyin is healthier, do not hurt the stomach, and do not need to put the refrigerator can also better preserve the original taste.
So, how should consumers buy tieguanyin Autumn tea? Anxi Tea Merchants Wang said that the taste of tieguanyin to mellow fresh refreshing back to gan good, thin bitter rough for the second. Tieguanyin Leaf bottom is mainly to see its softness degree. The bottom of the leaf is soft, which indicates that the raw material is tender, and the leaf bottom is hard, which indicates that the raw material is rough and old Leaf bottom color is soft and bright, indicating normal fermentation. Tieguanyin Leaf bottom should be hypertrophic, soft bright, uniform for the best, red, poor, hard, flower mixed for the second.
Hangzhou Tieguanyin Tea Manufacturer, remind consumers that when buying tea in addition to their own preferences to make judgments, but also need to pay attention to the aroma of tieguanyin, high and long for good, high and short second, low and short worst. Flavor usually has orchid incense, osmanthus incense, flower fruit incense and other kinds of aroma, but also has the rare aroma of raw ginseng incense, milk incense and so on. In addition, tea soup is also very important. Tea is not good, open soup to see. Fragrance type Tieguanyin requires soup light golden yellow, Luzhou-flavor tieguanyin requirements Golden Bright, Chen Xiang type tieguanyin to orange, orange red tea soup is preferred.