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Oolong tea manufacturer explanation; three main effects of oolong tea and three taboos

Oolong tea Manufacturerexplanation; three main effects of oolong tea and three taboos

Experiments by research institutions and researchers in various countries have found that oolong tea plays a positive role in all aspects of human health. It can not only relieve mental fatigue, but also have the effect of eating dysentery, but also inhibit obesity, beauty and health and other aspects of the role.

Now drink oolong tea more and more people, drink oolong tea more attention to taste smell incense, brewing oolong tea needs 100 ℃ boiling water, bubble after a moment will be the tea in the teapot into the teacup, the product when the aroma is rich, the cheek leaves incense. At the same time, can also be mixed with red and green tea, take its two effects, but also green tea and flower tea mixed, in order to take green tea to clear the heat to relieve the work, flower tea phlegm Enlightenment effect. Green tea taste is not cold or hot, can eliminate the heat in the human body, to achieve the effect of drying and Tsugaru. Below is a detailed introduction to the following three major health effects of Oolong tea and three major taboos.

Three main effects
1. Prevention of tooth decay
After dinner a cup of tea in addition to the birth of Tsugaru, refreshing tone, oolong tea also has the effect of preventing tooth decay. The cause of tooth decay is the formation of bacteria that cause tooth decay as a result of bacterial intrusion into the tissues of the teeth and the production of enzymes in the tissues that contain the sugar in the food, which produces decay teeth. This material that can decay teeth and bacteria attached to the teeth to form a scale, accumulation will occur after the phenomenon of tooth decay.

The polyphenols contained in Oolong tea have the effect of inhibiting the production of scale enzymes, so drinking a cup of oolong tea after eating can prevent the occurrence of tooth scale and tooth decay. Scientists have proven that allowing mice to eat polyphenols containing polyphenols will reduce the risk of tooth decay, and if they do not have time to brush their teeth after meals, drinking a cup of oolong tea to prevent tooth decay is also a good choice.

2, anti-tumor, prevention of aging effect
Oolong tea has the effect of promoting the decomposition of fat in the blood, but also can reduce the content of cholesterol. A foreign 1994 years of Oolong tea efficacy of the experimental report pointed out that oolong tea for hyperlipidemia and hypertension patients have a very good effect. In particular, 68 patients with high snow pressure disease who participated in the trial, after passing a stage of testing, the blood pressure value of 75% showed a downward trend. In addition, scientific research has also found that Oolong tea can all block the formation of nitrite in vivo endogenous, play a preventive effect on esophageal cancer. At the same time, Oolong tea and vitamin E have the same anti-aging effect. In the case of daily internal and sufficient vitamin C, drinking oolong tea can make the blood content of vitamin C is high, the amount of vitamin C excretion in urine is reduced, and vitamin C has anti-aging effect. Therefore, drinking oolong tea can enhance the body's anti-aging ability in many ways.

In addition, Oolong tea also has anti-tumor, improve the activation of lymphocytes and NK cells, as well as strengthen immune function, prevent aging and other effects. Experts have found that oolong tea polyphenols also have the effect of sucking foreign bodies in the body and draining them out of the body together.

3, double detoxification effect
Scientific empirical black Oolong tea can inhibit the absorption of 20% neutral fat, the effect is very magical. And people who drank black oolong tea had twice times as much fat in their excreta as those who did not drink oolong tea. So black Oolong tea can not only inhibit the absorption of fat, but also help to help grease twice times out of the body, with a magical twice times detoxification effect. Black Oolong tea combined with green tea and black tea production method, its quality between green tea and black tea, both black tea strong flavor, but also green tea Qingfen incense and "Green leaf red edge" reputation.

Three taboos of drinking oolong tea
1, fasting can not drink, otherwise it will feel hungry, or even dizzy, commonly known as "tea drunk."
2, can not drink before bed, otherwise it will make it difficult for people to sleep.
3, cold tea can not drink, oolong tea cold after sex cold, bad for the stomach.
These three bogeys are particularly important for the beauty of the first sip of oolong tea, because Oolong tea contains more teas and caffeine than other teas, drinking improperly easy to harm the body.

Hangzhou Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. as a professionalOolong tea ManufacturerRemind you that the efficacy of oolong tea is much more than these, but also with the elimination of fatigue, raw diuresis, antipyretic Defense Department, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, detoxification and disease prevention, digestion to greasy, weight loss and bodybuilding and other health functions, especially prominent in the prevention of cancer, blood lipids, anti-aging and other special effects. Anyway, for beauty, for health, you can drink more oolong tea.