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Alpine Organic Black tea----A private customization around you

Black tea
Taste gan, sexual temperature, menstrual, lung, stomach sutra, belong to the whole fermented tea category, is to Tea tree bud leaves as raw materials, through the wither, twisting, fermentation, drying and other typical process refined from.
Black tea is rich in tea polyphenols, total flavonoids, vitamin C, soluble sugar, caffeine, tea lutein, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, theanine, glutamate, alanine, aspartic acid and other nutrients.
In the process of fermentation, the chemical reaction of polyphenols in black tea makes the chemicals in fresh leaves change greatly, which will produce tea lutein, tea red pigment and other components, and its aroma is significantly higher than that of fresh leaves, forming the unique color, fragrance and flavor of black tea.
Black tea can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuretic, eliminate edema, black tea is rich in tea lutein is a powerful lipid-lowering substance, it can prevent the formation of lipid sediments in blood vessels, so as to prevent coronary heart disease or stroke, cardiovascular disease has a good effect.

Alpine Organic Black Tea

It is generally believed that the tea produced in tea Garden above 1000 meters above sea level isAlpine Organic Black Tea, the common characteristics of its origin are: short sunshine, high air humidity, large temperature difference between day and night, rich soil organic matter. Alpine Tea new sales fat, green color, hairy, good freshness. From this processing of tea, often high aroma, strong taste, resistance to bubbles, and the rope fat, tight knot, gold revealed. Often said that a tea "has the characteristics of high camellia", refers to the tea has a high incense, strong flavor.

"Tea for drinking, hair on shennong." Tea, originated in China, after thousands of years of precipitation, has not only been a drink, but also condensed into China's quintessence and essence, full of 5,000 years of extensive and profound culture. The precious tea is because it contains the proud character of transcendental and the spirit of Confucianism and Buddhism, which is the ultimate fusion and sublimation of aesthetics and life. Tea, this magical fragrant leaf, has had a profound impact on the whole world.

Silk Road, tea and horse ancient roads, the Chinese descendants have never stopped to explore the footsteps; horse gang Camelbell, merchant ship helmsman, China's tea after a dozens of of a century of circulation, in every ancient road, every mountain, have left a Chinese imprint and a burst of tea incense. Tea, like silk and porcelain, is far from the Chinese culture, wandering in the history of world Civilization exchange in the Long river.

Tea as a medium, the Liufang of the heirloom. In Europe in the 17th century, black tea from China was regarded by the upper class as an expensive luxury, playing a noble and elegant protagonist. From the moment Princess Catherine of Portugal brought Chinese black tea as her beloved dowry into England, the unique fragrance of black tea permeated every space of royal life, accompanying the palace aristocracy through every sweet and fragrant time. Black tea, a drink with a unique aristocratic flavor, has been popular in European courts for centuries.


China is known as the home of tea, a land that breeds the world's earliest tea trees. In the South borders of China, there is a beautiful, ecological primitive world-class health Pure Land, it is known as China's West Guangxi health Belt. Here the unique terrain, suitable climate, more tea growth provides superior natural conditions, creating a rich Alpine cloudy tea "China's famous tea town" Lok Shan.

Alpine Organic Black Tea", located at an altitude of 1889 meters of mountain organic Ecological Tea garden, year-round cloudy, tea trees in this after the nourishment of the clouds and rain, the night cold and warm hammering, snow frozen top of the sleep, the accumulation of the essence of mountains and rivers, the Spirit of heaven and earth, the formation of fresh glaze, verdant tea green." Superior Alpine cloudy tea, bud leaves tender, color clean one. One bud, one leaf, gold revealed, Green handsome; one bud, two leaves, tender and slippery as fat, xingling like Jade; a bud of three leaves, bright like wax, flexible and verdant. The finest Alpine Cloudy tea experienced the bloom of youth, the haggard of life, the experience of time, the transformation of form, and finally completed the life of Nirvana, become a boutique mountain cloud tea-Guojinghong.

"Spring from the stone out of the bitter, tea from the peak taste more round", Guojinghong, the view, the knot to tie one, bubble, soup red and clear; smell incense, smell fragrant lasting; tea, aftertaste sweet mellow. The tea fragrance between this alpine cloud originates from your national Virgin Tea Garden.