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Alpine organic tea, heaven and earth aura

Alpine Organic Tea汲天地灵气
Alpine Organic Tea Black Tea is sourced from the 1800-meter high-altitude organic tea garden in Guixi Health Belt.
The high altitude and the hazy environment are conducive to the accumulation of fresh alcohol in the tea. After years of fermenting by the tea masters who have been making tea for many years, the unique flavor of the national red and black tea is brewing.
Adopting the "organic planting" method, without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and plant growth regulators, the strict tea garden management method has abandoned the pursuit of production, but strives for excellence in quality.

The original leaf "triangular tea bag" has a good quality and adopts the form of "triangle tea bag", which guarantees the freshness and flavor of the original leaf tea, and has the unique sweetness and fragrant aroma of the black tea.
"Triangle Tea Bag" uses food grade packaging materials, which is safe and environmentally friendly. When drinking, gently shake the tea bag to even the tea, in order to maintain the stability of the taste of the tea.
Time-consuming black tea: When drinking, the tea is wrapped in the tea bag to avoid the mistake of drinking tea. After drinking, the tea bag can be taken out to rinse the cup, eliminating the need to rinse the tea residue.

Good tea, clear body, peace of mind, high-quality planting environment, the national tea red and black tea up to 3.7% of theanine content, comparable to the "fresh" known as "Longjing tea." Theanine is a characteristic amino acid of tea. This amino acid tastes sweet and fresh, and it has the effect of calming the nerves. The drink is refreshing and refreshing.
"The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" has a cloud: "The liver is a wood, the heart is a fire, the spleen is a soil, the lung is a gold, and the kidney is a water." On the five elements, the "fire" corresponds to red, which coincides with the warm, rising and bright qualities of black tea, and the "red nourishing heart" often has a good effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

Gongfu black tea cooking method ● Water temperature: use 90 °C hot water is appropriate. This temperature allows the tea to fully exert its taste.
● Tea ratio: It is recommended that the ratio of tea to water is 1:50, that is, 1 pack of tea corresponds to 150 ml of water. The ratio can be adjusted according to personal taste preferences.
● Brewing time: The first brewing time is about 2 minutes, and the brewing time is increased by 30 seconds each time. This keeps the taste of each tea soup stable and consistent.

The fog buds absorb the fragrant fat, and the tea tastes more round. Guozhenhong·Huangcha, which is derived from the mountain of Leye Mountain, is moisturized by the clouds and rain, the spring snow and ice, and the professional tea people carefully crafted it into a fine tea. The soup is bright and clear. The star leader who witnessed the birth of Guozhenhong·Black Tea has a special liking for her:
A pot of good tea, close to the heart of the distance from the planting environment, the alpine tea garden at an altitude of 1800 meters, the year after year, the clouds are haunting, the rain is more, the growth rate of tea buds is slow, it can be said that every time a millimeter grows, there is plenty of time to come. Taking in the aura of heaven and earth, the nutrition of tea is very abundant. At the same time, in this environment, only afternoon time can pick tea. According to the locals, carefully selected and harvested, the tea buds produced every day are only about 2 kg, so Guozhenhong·black tea is very precious.
We use organic methods to grow tea without pesticides or fertilizers and stay away from pollution. The tea produced in such an environment has a real "tea flavor", which is the real good tea! From a safety point of view, most of the products currently on the market are “no pollution” tea, that is, tea with no pesticide residue exceeding the national standard. However, if you drink it for a long time, it is still a risk to your health. Tea is not washed like fruits and vegetables, and “washing tea” can cause loss of nutrients. Organic tea does not use pesticides, so don't worry about the problem of “peasant residue”. This organic tea is a healthy tea that is shared with family and friends.
Everyone knows that black tea is good for heart and brain health. A large number of Western literatures have confirmed that the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in people who drink black tea for a long time is much lower than those who do not drink black tea. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the black tea soup is red and bright, and the five elements are fire, which is good for the heart. Black tea is a very inclusive tea that can be made into various kinds of drinks, such as ginger, made into ginger tea, warm stomach and cold; with lemon, made into ice black tea, quench your thirst; with milk, make milk tea, Mellow and sweet. A variety of beverages provide a more diverse choice for visitors, which is ideal for friends who demand high quality of life.
China is the hometown of tea. It has been a habit of drinking tea since ancient times and has a history of thousands of years. The Chinese people said that "the seven things to open the door - the rice, oil, salt and vinegar tea", tea is closely related to our life; China's tea culture is also profound, long-lasting, and contains a rich material and spiritual level. China is a state of etiquette. When friends and family meet, they often treat customers with tea, brew a good cup of tea, and then sit down, talk about the earth, calm and trouble, and invisibly close the distance between the heart and the heart.

Taking tea to raise morality, to Deliye Wang Yunhuang China is the hometown of tea. Chinese tea can be traced back to the Shennong era. In the Tang Dynasty of China, there was a poet named Lu Yu, known as the "tea holy" - his lifelong love Tea, research tea, wrote the "Tea Classic", which has been passed down to the present and has a profound influence on the tea culture of China and the world. Therefore, we have a deep tea culture gene in the blood of every Chinese.
So what is good tea? From the point of view of the taste, the fresher the tea, the better. The substance that determines the "savory taste" of tea is the amino acid in tea. The most important amino acid is called "theanine". Tea with high theanine has a sweet taste and is helpful for relaxing nerves, improving memory and regulating blood pressure. China's general tea, the content of theanine is between 1% and 2%, and our Guozhenhong·Huangcha is tested by the Tea Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the theanine can reach 3.7%!
In addition to the taste of the product, the tea also smells the aroma and the color of the soup. Guozhenhong·Black Tea is an organic tea produced from the mountains. It is born with a unique “floral” – a fresh, slightly sweet, pleasant fragrance. From the color of the soup, it is as clear and translucent as a ruby, very eye-catching.
Our Chinese tea culture has a long history. Lu Yu mentioned in his book: the spirit of tea - "fine, honest, awkward, moral." This is in line with the corporate culture of the new era of “self-reliance and altruism”. I have been in the new era for 12 years. I am very grateful to the new era, because the new era will always surprise us, give us sweetness and bring us happiness.
Alpine Organic Tea is a healthy drink and a cultural carrier. China has the tradition of tea hospitality and tea party friends. When we are free, sit down with friends around us, gather together, and soak up a cup of national red and black tea to enhance our communication and friendship. In the company of Guozhenhong and Black Tea, we are free to talk about health, health, career, and dreams, and pass on the health of the new era!

Sharing Guozhenhong and sharing the spirit of the new era Pan Qiaoyan Guozhen Tea Garden above 800 meters above sea level in Leye County, Guangxi, has a high altitude, low temperature, long rainy season, and haze all year round, so the tea buds grow slowly. The tea here is organically grown. It is very difficult to make Guozhenhong·Huangcha by carefully picking out the raw materials of the tea and carefully selecting the high-quality leaves.
I remember when we were in the music industry, a tea master introduced us: “The local farmers use tea to regulate their bodies, use tea to care for them, and their bodies are very healthy.” Modern Western studies have also confirmed that black tea is on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Health is very beneficial, and it is necessary to improve your health through tea.
The tea culture has a long history in China. In the state of ceremonies, China is known for its courtesy and tea party. Entertain friends, of course, to use the healthiest, safest, best tea. The finest tea country, Zhenhong and Black Tea, which is certified by China Organic, is best for sharing with friends.
Tea is a process of repairing morality. Sharing the quality of the national treasure red and black tea to more friends and relatives is to cultivate good morals.

Tea is a healthy way of life. What is the standard of Chen Xusong’s judgment of good tea? First look at the shape of the tea is the original leaf tea, or broken tea. In China, in general, good tea is used to make raw leaf tea, and low-grade tea is used to make broken tea. The characteristics of broken tea are “rich, strong and fresh”, which Westerners like. The authentic black tea in China is the original leaf tea. It is sweet and fragrant, and it can only be produced by the experienced tea masters. However, the original leaf tea is not easy to carry and it is not convenient to brew. Guozhenhong·Huangcha takes the form of “original leaf tea bag” which is favored by modern consumers. It not only guarantees the integrity and quality of tea, but also meets the needs of portability. It is convenient even when traveling or traveling. Have a good cup of tea to enjoy.
Compared with the common honey-scented and loose-scented scent on the market, Guozhenhong·Huangcha has “flowers”, which is not because of the addition of flowers in the tea, but the unique flavor of the alpine organic tea . From the color of soup, it is not deeper and thicker. The tea soup is dark in color and prone to sedimentation and turbidity. The tea soup is clear and translucent, and is as beautiful as ruby, giving a pleasant impression. Guozhenhong·Black Tea is fully equipped with the above characteristics, which is a good tea!
Tea is not just a healthy lifestyle, tea is an art – tea can give us a sense of life; tea can let us cultivate and cultivate sentiment; tea can make us fun Elegance, peace and happiness, and a high-quality life. At the same time, tea is also the best way for us to make friends and meet people. Tea is a symbol of friendship, and tea is also a manifestation of harmony. It is a fate to know each other and know each other. The fate of tea is more cherished.

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