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Maofeng Tea

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Maofeng Tea
Maofeng Tea

Maofeng Tea, isAlpine Organic Green Tea,Refers to the initial production of green tea to form a fine tight, matsutake of the tender roasted green. In the Lobular region of the Maofeng, the shape of the fine tight, hairy disclosure, sprout front, bright soup color, aroma

Quality characteristics: Maofeng tea, in the shape should pay attention to dry tea color and tender degree. The color of green for the top, tea green for the mid-range, dark green for the next gear. The strips are tightly closed, and the color is much darker. Maofeng in the commodity tea color green value is greater than dark color, so in the review should pay attention to the color of the green cui degree. The tenderness should be a bud of one or two leaves in the majority, if it is a bud three leaves accounted for the main body, should be treated as a bulk. The evaluation of aroma should pay attention to the fragrance of aroma and taste of the degree of alcohol refreshing.

Origin in Yunnan, Emei, Zunyi, Zhejiang Lanxi and other places, Hangzhou Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the modern agricultural products marketing network, comprehensive support cluster of modernMaofeng Tea Factory

Maofeng "belongs to the roasted green tea, the shape of the micro-roll, like a finch tongue, yellowish in the green, silver exposed, and with golden fish leaves (commonly known as gold film). Into the Cup brewing mist knot top, soup color qingbi yellowish, leaf bottom yellow and green vitality, taste alcohol gan, aroma such as orchid, deep charm. "Lanxi Maofeng" tea aroma xingling, mellow taste, sweet refreshing, elegant and delicious, green tea in the Jiapin, loaded in "China famous Tea", reputable at home and abroad, has become China's famous tea rookie. "Lanxi Maofeng", its quality characteristics are: The shape of fat flat forming strip, silver all over the whole leaf, color yellow and green, leaf bottom green is yellow, brewing after the original shape of tea buds, soup green as yin, clear brewing bright, flag gun staggered cup, aroma fragrance nose, tall distant fresh, tea taste mellow, drink back sweet, fragrant teeth between the cheek, Clear and wonderful.

Function: Tea contains coffee alkali, can stimulate the central nervous, make the human brain clear, the spirit is refreshing, refreshing relieve fatigue, eliminate fatigue. At the same time, can promote metabolism and blood circulation, stimulate the kidneys, enhance cardiac and kidney function. Tea contains more tea tannins, sugars, pectin and amino acids and other components, can be excreted in the body of a large amount of residual heat, to maintain the body's normal body temperature, and through the aftertaste of sweet and sweet, play thirst, refreshing eye-catching, relieve the effect of heat to annoy. The nicotinic acid in tea can play a role in protecting human skin, and folic acid can promote the growth of blood cells.

Tea contains vitamins, proteins, aromatic and polyphenol compounds, in addition to emitting aromas to help people happy, but also to dissolve fat, remove greasy, clear gastrointestinal, promote the secretion of digestive fluid, enhance appetite, in order to help digestion. Especially for the ethnic minority areas where carnivorous milk is the staple food, tea is an indispensable necessity in people's life. Beauty Skin Care: Tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances, with which to wash face can remove the face of greasy, convergent pores, with disinfection, sterilization, anti-skin aging, reduce the sun's ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin and other effects.



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