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Bud Tea

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Bud Tea
Bud Tea


Hangzhou Nongxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., with Jiande Town Luocun Village Tea Professional Cooperative and Hangzhou Agricultural Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. two subsidiaries. is a number of varieties, including professionalBud Tea Factory

Jiande Bud Tea, also known as District Bud Tea, for an orchid type of delicate semi-baked green tea. Produced in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Jiande (ancient District) Meicheng, Sandou area Mountain Canyon, has been named Zhejiang Province High-quality famous tea, and won the Zhejiang province famous tea certificate.

Jiande Bud Tea began in 1870, the production method originated from Sichuan Meng tea and Anhui Huang Bud tea, originally belongs to the yellow. Its quality characteristics are buds Ye Chengdo with petioles and fish leaves, fish leaves are golden yellow, Ye Shinti head is reddish, yellow and green complete, short and strong, internal aroma is red, leaf bottom green is yellow, tea soup clear and bright, with unique shape, excellent quality, quiet aroma and known.

May 2008, AQSIQ approved the implementation of Jiande bracts to implement geographical indications product protection.


Origin Distribution:

Jiande Bud Tea Region is located in the north latitude 29°13 ' ~29°46 ', east of 118°54 ' ~119°45 '. The geological structure belongs to the Qiantang River Groove belt, belonging to Tianmu Mountain, Qianli Gang and Longmen Mountain system, the terrain is northeast to the southwest direction. Northern and western mountain steep, relatively high difference of up to 400~600 meters. Tea plantations are mainly distributed in the mountainous and mid-levels between 30 meters above sea level and ~500 meters.

Growing environment:

It belongs to the monsoon climate in the northern margin of the middle subtropical zone, the temperature is relatively balanced, the winter is warm in summer, the rainfall is abundant, the annual precipitation is 1700 mm, the rain day is 160 days, and the distribution is uniform during the In the tea tree growth period from March to July, more rain, day and night temperature difference is greater. The average annual relative humidity is 78%, the tea garden four weeks wet Four seasons, the annual average temperature of 17 ℃, the average total temperature of 6,180 ℃, frost-free 260 days, the average annual sunshine hours 1940 hour, the percentage of sunshine 44%.

The soil of tea garden is mostly red yellow soil and its variants, mainly stone sand, red soil, reddish and yellow loam, yellow soil, yellow sediment soil and so on. The soil is acidic or slightly acidic, with a ph value of 4.5~6.5.

Quality Features:

Jiande bracts tea Jiande bud tea shape yellow and green complete, short and strong, tea has a layer of fine hairs; the inner aroma is clear; the leaves are yellow in the green, and the tea soup is bright. When brewing due to the center of gravity away from the bud tip, emphasis on the base end, so the bud tip up, looks like a budding orchid, floating in the clear and bright tea juice, like jade Pen ling, very good-looking. It is famous for its unique shape, excellent quality and quiet aroma.


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