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Hangzhou Nongxin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.
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About US

Company Profile

      Hangzhou Minong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018, and the registered place is Xihu District of Hangzhou. It has two tea subsidiaries, Luo Village, Luotan Village, Jiande City, and two subsidiaries of Hangzhou Kainong Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. The company's large-scale production of agricultural products, such as alpine organic tea, is the core of the industry. From the development of seedlings and organic fertilizer agricultural production materials to the cultivation of agricultural products, to the e-commerce, market wholesale and export, the “three-in-one” modern agricultural product marketing. The network will build a modern agricultural industrial chain that integrates upstream and downstream links and comprehensive supporting clusters.

       The company's standard factory building is 4,600 square meters, and it has passed the HACCP certification and the commodity inspection of the export enterprise. It has standardized office space, warehousing, large-scale cold storage room, and domestic advanced full-automatic continuous tea processing production line, which has formed an annual production capacity of 1,000 tons of organic tea. The company's products include Alpine Organic Black Tea, Alpine Organic Green Tea, Alpine Organic Longjing Tea, Alpine Oolong Tea, White Tea, Steamed Green, Maofeng, and Tea.

       The company owns 3,500 acres of tea base and drives 5,000 acres of surrounding farmers. The base has a superior natural environment and good water and air quality. It is especially suitable for the development and cultivation of fine varieties of tea. The company's tea base has passed the commodity inspection and export base registration and AVIC organic certification and German BCS organic certification. The company establishes and implements the agricultural product quality and safety traceability system, installs monitoring indicators, weather stations for collecting data, two-dimensional code printers and other agricultural product safety monitoring equipment in the tea garden, and is equipped with a review room and a laboratory, and has a special person to carry out product quality inspection.

       Its brands

       It has two tea subsidiaries, Luo Village, Luotan Village, Jiantan City, and two subsidiaries of Hangzhou Kainong Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

       The tea professional cooperative of Luo Village, Gantan Town, Jiande City was established in November 2010. Its main business is the cultivation and sales of fresh leaves of tea, and it has been awarded the title of “Zhejiang Standardized Farmer Professional Cooperative”.

       Hangzhou Kainong Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2001. Its main business is the production, processing and sales of tea. It has won the title of “Zhejiang Standardized Tea Factory” and “City-level Tea R&D Center”.

       Strategic cooperation

       The company has established good cooperative relations with Zhejiang University and other universities. Based on the advantages of resources such as Zhejiang University Agricultural College and Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the company has set up a scientific and technological research and development center to cultivate new varieties of tea and develop new varieties of tea. The reform of the tea-making process has been studied in key areas, and a number of excellent tea varieties and tea processing equipment have been developed. The “organic black tea” produced by the company won the gold prize of “2017 China (Shanghai) International Tea Industry Expo”. The company's product quality and technology content are in the leading level in the same industry.

      Trademark registration

      The company owns two trademarks, “Jinnongong” and “Thousand Island Emei”. Through the development of e-commerce activities, domestic sales have achieved good results; through the participation in foreign exhibitions and other initiatives to open up foreign markets, the tea has been sold to Germany. , the United States, Malaysia and other countries; through the production of standard control and e-commerce sales and other brand operations, the overall brand strength of our company has been greatly improved.

      Business philosophy

      In the operation, the company takes the business mode of “enterprise + base + farmer”, vigorously develops its own tea garden base, drives and encourages neighboring farmers to grow tea, and signs a minimum protection price agreement with farmers to purchase agricultural products. According to the unified standard for production and processing, the tea produced will be sold in a unified manner to prevent mutual pressure and market changes from causing losses to farmers. Safety is the most basic requirement for quality agricultural products, and it is also the commitment of farmers to agriculture for every consumer. Next, our company will continue to strictly control itself, from soil, water source, seed selection, fertilizer to field management, pest control, to product harvesting and processing. We strictly follow the organic standards and fully realize the product “from land to land”. The whole table has no pollution control. And through the demonstration role of the core tea garden, the surrounding farmers will be further encouraged to develop tea plantations, fully grasp and utilize resources, continue to expand the results, increase sales, lead the surrounding farmers to get rich together, and lead the tea industry to high-quality, high-yield, high-efficiency sustainable modern agriculture. Take a big step.